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June 16, 2020
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Sunglasses Are For Much More Than Projecting An Image

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Media hype and Hollywood bring us images everyday of our favorite and most hated stars running around incognito, seemingly trying to hide their appearance with only one thing: a pair of sunglasses. Many people try to look the same and capture the same image appeal with an attractive pair of shades. However, we often neglect to consider the good that a great pair of sunglasses, not necessarily attractive but fully functional, can do for us.

Sunglasses can literally save our eyes. Blindness results from several things besides traumatic injuries and degenerative eye diseases. Cataracts and keratitis, both common eye diseases caused by sun exposure, can eventually lead to blindness. Just putting on a good pair of sunglasses can thus prevent these injuries and diseases along with blindness.

Individuals should don their shades from approximately 10 am to 4 pm when exposed to the elements. Good sunglasses will not just shade the eyes but will protect them from harmful UV rays that will damage their eyes and compromise their eye sight. Those who spend great amounts of time outside whether occupationally or recreationally should own a good pair of sunglasses.

Price does not always equate quality. Just because a pair of sunglasses cost $150 does not mean that it will protect the eyes. We need to look for glasses with specific labels on them such as "99 to 100 % UV ray protection" or certificates of approval. You can even find FDA approved glasses.

Wearing sunglasses will do more than just let a person run around semi disguised. As stated before, sunglasses can prevent UV damage to the eyes. And while some individuals prefer glasses with side protection, no pair offers a full range of protection. Light will always leak in. The key lies in finding the best pair for the wearer so that the wearer feels protected and comfortable.

Sunglasses will also reduce glare. Dozens of accidents occur every day because of the misguided perceptions of drivers caught up in the glare of the sun off wet roads. A good pair of polarized lenses will nearly eliminate the glare. Recreationally we can see the benefits of this as well. Those who enjoy water sports or skiing will want to find a pair of glasses that specifically reduce glare.

In addition to reducing glare, sunglasses can literally and physically protect the eyes from injury. No pair comes shatterproof, but a good pair will protect the eyes if a projectile comes near them. Good sunglasses will last and be able to withstand normal wear and tear that comes with this kind of protection.

Sunglasses will also keep the wind from hurting the wearer's eyes. Those who suffer from dry eyes will especially appreciate how the glasses will deflect harmful dry and dusty gusts.

In the end, it's not about the image that the sunglasses convey, though some snazzy pairs do exist. But great eye sight resulting from good sunglasses matters most.


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