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May 30, 2020
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Snowboards For Sale: The Tom Sims Story

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Today snowboards for sale are easily available but there was a time in the past when snowboarding wasn't even considered a sport! In fact it has only grown in popularity in the last forty years. The funny thing about snowboarding is that nobody knows how long snowboarding has been around. According to experts, though many inventions didn't directly lead to the snowboarding phenomenon, individuals have been riding sideways on snow for a long time.

For example, Austrian miners since the 16th century have been riding on long wooden boards with ropes and handles for support. Individuals in the Swiss Alps were also using a similar device to travel.

Over the years, due to many individuals' contributions and dedication tosnowboarding, this adventurous sport finally became an official sport. It's thanks to them; people around the world got to know about snowboarding.

One such person is Tom Sims. He was born in 1950. When he was 13 years old, he designed a "skiboard" for his 7th grade wood-shop class, taking inspiration from two of his favorite sports: skateboarding and skiing. His snowboard can now be found in the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum. Sims was passionate about skateboarding so when he grew up, he moved to California and opened a skateboarding shop in Santa Barbara.

Skateboarding didn't distract him from snowboarding because he kept on experimenting with new designs and materials for snowboards. For example in 1969, it was Tom who designed and laminated the first fiberglass snowboard in his garage. Tom didn't have any snowboards for sale yet because he didn't get a good opportunity to start his business. Things changed when a good opportunity came his way.

One day in 1977, Bob Weber contacted Sims. He wanted to team up with him and come up with winning designs for snowboards. It was Weber who had put trademark on the word "skiboard" and had patented his invention Mono-Ski. With the two of them working together, Flying Yellow Banana Skiboard came to existence.

This wooden board had plastic shells and although Weber and Sims hadn't added binding or metal edges to it, it was still an advanced snowboard of its time. These snowboards for sale were available for the public in 1978-1979 seasons.

In the meantime, Sims was working on his fiberglass prototype snowboards along with his friend and employee, Chuck Barfoot. In 1980s, both of them split up and Sims started his own company.

He experimented with many different snowboards prototypes. In 1982, Tom had a breakthrough in the snowboard's design when he added metal edges on his snowboard. This improved his snowboard tremendously because with the metal edges he was able to control his snowboard better. Later he came up with the heel and toe binding system, baseplate to adjust binding angles and highback bindings.

Due to Tom Sims' contribution in snowboarding, snowboards today provide flexibility and ease to snowboarders on the snow. Snowboards for sale are available through different companies and online stores.


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