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August 11, 2020
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What You Need To Know About Snowboarding Before You Start

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Having a snowboard doesn't have much point if you are unsure of how to use it. The hardest part is getting started, but once you learn how to started, all it takes is practice. To learn how to get started so that you have something to practice, read on.

First and foremost, find a snowboard that is the right size for you. Snowboards differ in width and length and greatly affect how you perform. Getting a board which is the wrong size for you can make snowboarding much more difficult. Consult a store clerk or do some online research to ensure a fitting board.

Skiing is quite similar to snowboarding. In snowboarding, the movements involved, the way you move/position your body are very similar to skiing. Once positioned, take a few deep breaths and relax your muscles, stressed or not. It is important to stay relaxed, because tensing up increases your chances of obtaining an injury.

Staying relaxed includes not locking your knees. Think of your knees as if they are shock absorbers, going over bumps and divots is going to hurt them, so be sure to keep them slightly bent and relaxed.

Now that you are on a fitting board, positioned and relaxed, ride the board with your front foot strapped in and try to go across the hill before attempting to go down it. Once you are comfortable, strap in the other foot.

Use your front,(not back) foot to steer as you start going down the hill. While pressing your heel down, lift up your toe. Move your hips backward, and you are snowboarding! To stop, simply turn yourself so that you are facing up the hill. This will slow you down and you will skid to a halt.

The knowledge of how to snowboard isn't very useful if you don't have a snowboard. Use the following advice and choose your board accordingly.

Freestyle boards are most popular amongst beginners, as learning to turn with the board is fairly easy. The nose and tail of this board are identical, which is an uncommon feature. It is moderately short, wide, and flexible. Buy a soft and short boot for this board.

Freeride boards are boards used for a variety of snow types and terrains. Industrial in its design, you can go off the trails or on the trails or wherever you find snow. Its design is long and thin. There are both freeride and freecave boards, although they vary slightly in their performance. Buy soft and tall boots along with soft bindings.

Alpine or Race boards are often used in competitions. The board is thinner than other boards, making it more stable, and enables it to reach high velocities and take quick turns. The tip is less curved and the tail is almost flat, allowing for the greatest edge contact between the board and the snow. There are both the giant slalom and the slalom boards. Buy a boot similar to a ski boot, as it will provide the maximum support and control.

Now that you know the steps to start snowboarding, get out there. Just remember,if you still feel uncomfortable, you can always take lessons.


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